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Thank you for visiting our website.

Korea TAPPI was founded in 1967 and ever since we have been making efforts for the development of the pulp, paper and allied industry and for improving friendship among members.

Korea TAPPI will not cease its endeavor to improve our technological and scientific understanding in pulp, paper and allied industry. At the same time, we will work hard to publicize the usefulness and environmental friendliness of paper products to the public.

Korea TAPPI always tries to expand and strengthen the relationship among our industry and with overseas sister associations. In 2016, we are proud to host the PanPacific Conference 2016 in Seoul along with our sister associations. Korea TAPPI is willing to play the viral role in attracting excellent young students into the paper industry. Our 50th anniversary is approaching and I would like to take this opportunity revitalizing Korea TAPPI activities along with you.

Your active participation and encouragement is critical for the success of our efforts. We would greatly appreciate your lasting interest and care for the development of the Korea TAPPI. Thank you.

May 1, 2016
Hak Lae Lee
President of Korea TAPPI