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Greetings to all members and visitors!

This is Kim Chul-Hwan, elected as the 27th President of Korea TAPPI.
The COVID19 outbreak has been a direct blow to paper demand, putting the global pulp and paper industry at risk. Under such extreme circumstances, I was elected as the chairman and feels great responsibility along with a great sense of crisis. At this time, we need to gather wisdom so that Korea TAPPI can play an innovative role in transforming the crisis faced by domestic pulp&paper companies into opportunities.

Fortunately, as I was inaugurated as the president of Korea TAPPI, CEOs of multiple paper companies including Kleannara, Moorim P&P, Hansol Paper, Hankuk Paper, Jeonju Paper, Tailim Paper, and Vice Chairperson of Ajin P&P. are willing to participate as vice presidents. This is expected to be a great touchstone to form a platform for Industry-Korea TAPPI cooperation. Moreover, the Head of the Department of Wood Science and Forestry, the National Institute of Forest Science, also participates as a vice-president, so that Korea TAPPI could become the foundation for achieving innovative growth through cooperation with industry, academia and government organization.

The growth of Korea TAPPI is not always made only by the efforts of the executives in operating Korea TAPPI. Only with the absolute interest and participation of our society members, we can achieve sustainable growth. In particular, the active participation of young members from universities and industries is essential. They are the future growth engine of our society. Of course, we will do our best to create a friendly environment where the executives of the society can help young members to actively participate in academic activities.
I will also share advanced technical information and new academic achievements through continuous exchanges with overseas societies. The world is changing. Organizations that lag behind change are threatened with survival. As the President of the Korean TAPPI, I will do my best to become Korea TAPPI leading change and I look forward to the full cooperation of members.

Thank you so much!


27th President Chul-Hwan Kim
President of Korea TAPPI